Hucklow Summer School: 19th-26th August 2017

‘Walk Your Path With Joy: Finding Hope and Resisting Despair in Turbulent Times’

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‘Help us fulfil what lies within the circle of our lives – each day we ask no more, no less.
Untangle the knots within, so we can mend our hearts’ simple ties to others…
Free us to walk your path with joy!’ Neil Douglas-Klotz – ‘Prayers of the Cosmos’

As we march, mosey, and muddle our way through life, each of us will encounter all sorts of personal challenges on our travels. In addition, we may feel increasingly overwhelmed and powerless in the face of current world events, political currents, and environmental crises. How can we keep our heads up in hard times, without turning away from the world’s woes, and stay engaged to do our bit for the common good? This week at summer school, through daily talks and engagement groups, we will explore the ways in which we can find fulfilment, connection, hope and joy along life’s meandering path.

Our team of speakers: Margaret Kirk, Catherine Coyne, Claire MacDonald, Nancy Crumbine, Katie McKenna.

Morning Engagement Groups

Each person is part of a small workshop group which meets for two hours each day to explore a given theme. Please indicate your 1st and 2nd preference workshop (A, B, C or D) on the application form

A: ‘Now is the Time to Open your Heart’ with Lindy Latham and Janet Costley
In this troubled world, what is in our hearts can become paralysed by fear. The Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh says: “We all experience fear, but if we can look deeply into our fear, we will be able to free ourselves from its grip and touch joy.” Bring yourself as you are to share your wisdom and life experiences, to take time to slow down and reflect on what really matters through gentle conversation, the stillness of meditation, the movement of walking and other ways chosen by you.

B: ‘With Great Good Care’ with Sarah Tinker and Michael Allured
How best shall we live in troubled times and yet still find joy in living? One answer is: with great good care – for ourselves, for one another and for our wider world. Our group will focus on simple practices of self-care, movement and voice-work based awareness exercises – practices we can take back to our everyday lives and to our Unitarian communities. We’ll explore the small details, the simple tasks, the gentle steps that bring us joy in life and so strengthen us for work in the world. Our time together will be a retreat, a much needed space to re-discover the pleasures of being alive.

C: ‘Forget Your Perfect Offering’ with Elizabeth Birtles and Stephen Crowther
‘Free us to walk your path with joy’ (Neil Douglas-Klotz)  What path is this….? Whose path is it…..? How am I freed to walk this path….? We invite you to bring an openness and willingness to know yourself and God more deeply by exploring whatever this path is, or might be, for you. Each session will offer a focus designed to facilitate your own inner exploration of the prayerful plea “Free us to walk your path with joy”. We will give each other space and time for quiet reflection, sharing, listening, discerning, responding creatively and the renewing of commitment.

D: ‘God in Daily Life – Theological Reflections’ with Jane Blackall and Daniel Costley
We may have good intentions to reflect on the many layers of our lives, but the busyness of our existence tends to take priority over quiet time. Typically we reflect on issues by letting them rattle around in our heads… We need a clear and deliberate process for thinking through our experiences – one that enables us to look at life through the lens of faith.’ – Abigail Johnson. This group – something different to the Summer School norm – requires some extra commitment prior to arrival and numbers will be limited; participants will be required to prepare a structured personal reflection / journaling on an issue in their own life or the life of the world (guidance will be sent) – looking at real events through a series of questions, designed to help individuals consider situations ‘through the lens of faith’. All group members will need to be prepared to share and explore further these theological reflections together, with care, in a guided way, when we get to Hucklow.

Prices and Application Process

Adult Shared: £500
Children 12-16: £395
Children 5-11: £330
Children under 5: £150

Download the 2017 Application Form Here

Please Note: We aim to break even and do not typically make any profit out of summer school. The rates we set reflect what it costs for us to put on the event. £393 of the standard rate is the cost of a week’s full-board accomodation at the Nightingale Centre. The remainder of the cost is a ‘conference fee’ which helps to cover the cost of our team of staff / organisers.

Rooms at summer school are usually shared.  Availability of single rooms is very limited and so these places will be carefully allocated on the basis of need for people with special circumstances. If you have particular medical or other reasons why a single room is essential then you must inform the panel of your circumstances at the time of application so that we can take this into account. A supplement of £55 will be payable for places in single or shared-en-suite rooms. Please Note:  It is a policy of summer school that family members/partners should participate in different morning engagement groups.

Please complete and return an application form with a deposit of £100 per person. Cheques are to be made payable to the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches. Contact us for further details if you would prefer to make a bank transfer or pay by telephone.

The panel aims to attract approximately one-third newcomers to participate in the Summer School every year. We have set a deadline of Monday 3rd April 2017 for receipt of applications to Summer School. Shortly after this date, places will be allocated by the members of the panel, giving priority to first-timers and ministerial students, subject to the constraints of available accommodation. Please note that deposit cheques will be banked on receipt and if your application is unsuccessful we will refund at a later date. If your application is successful, the balance will be due six weeks before summer school, on 7th July 2017. We advise you to take out travel insurance as we regret that we are unable to issue refunds for late cancellations (made after the date when the balance of payment is due, six weeks before summer school).

Bursaries: Please do not let a shortage of money prevent you from attending! Summer School bursaries are available (typically up to £200 for first-time attenders and £150 for returning attenders) and we may be able to advise about other local funding sources. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are likely to need assistance with funding.

Download the 2017 Application Form Here