Hucklow Summer School 2020 Now Open for Applications!

We are delighted to announce that Hucklow Summer School 2020 is now open for applications!

Download the 2020 Application Form Here

Hucklow Summer School: 22nd-29th August 2020

‘Speaking the Truth in Love: Having the Courage of our Convictions in a Post-Truth Age’

How can we discern the difference between truth and lies, in a world which increasingly seems beset with malicious forces intent on sowing confusion by spreading disinformation, propaganda, and ‘fake news’? How can we ensure that our openness to multiple truths does not leave us vulnerable to manipulation by people of ill intent or unwilling to ‘take sides’ in matters where justice is at stake? How can we be sure enough of what’s right and wrong to stand up and speak out boldly about our moral convictions? How can we cultivate the qualities of honesty, integrity, truth-telling, and good judgement in our own everyday lives? And how might we best articulate our shared Unitarian values, and focus our collective action, in order to help bring about a better world? In this year’s summer school we’ll consider how we can summon the confidence and courage to ‘speak the truth in love’ as individuals, communities, and as a denomination.

Further details of our engagement groups and team of facilitators can be found on the ‘Programme’ page (click here).