2017 Theme and Workshops Announced

We are delighted to be able to announce the theme and details of our morning engagement groups for Hucklow Summer School 2017. Do save the date and keep an eye out for the application form which we hope to release within a week or so.

Hucklow Summer School: 19th-26th August 2017

‘Walk Your Path With Joy: Finding Hope and Resisting Despair in Turbulent Times’

‘Help us fulfil what lies within the circle of our lives – each day we ask no more, no less.
Untangle the knots within, so we can mend our hearts’ simple ties to others…
Free us to walk your path with joy!’ Neil Douglas-Klotz – ‘Prayers of the Cosmos’

As we march, mosey, and muddle our way through life, each of us will encounter all sorts of personal challenges on our travels. In addition, we may feel increasingly overwhelmed and powerless in the face of current world events, political currents, and environmental crises. How can we keep our heads up in hard times, without turning away from the world’s woes, and stay engaged to do our bit for the common good? This week at summer school, through daily talks and engagement groups, we will explore the ways in which we can find fulfilment, connection, hope and joy along life’s meandering path.

Further details of our engagement groups and team of facilitators can be found on the ‘Programme’ page (click here).