Hucklow Summer School 2018 Now Open for Applications!

We are delighted to announce that Hucklow Summer School 2018 is now open for applications!

Download the 2018 Application Form Here

Hucklow Summer School: 18th-25th August 2018

‘How, Then, Shall We Live? – Living, Dying, and Considering Our Legacy’

In a series of daily theme talks our team of speakers will offer their perspectives on the question of how we should live in light of the knowledge that we, just like all those who have ever lived, will ultimately die. What does a ‘good life’ look like? And how can we live a good and faithful life in practice, especially when we find ourselves in challenging personal circumstances, and as troubling world events unfold around us? What constitutes a ‘good death’ – and how can we best prepare ourselves for dying? And how might it prove fruitful to reflect on our own legacy – individually and collectively – while we are still in the midst of life, or even as we begin to sense that our lives are drawing to a close?

Further details of our engagement groups and team of facilitators can be found on the ‘Programme’ page (click here).