Hucklow Summer School 2019 Now Open for Applications!

We are delighted to announce that Hucklow Summer School 2019 is now open for applications!

Download the 2019 Application Form Here

Hucklow Summer School: 17th-24th August 2019

‘Theology in the Flesh – How Might our Embodied Experience Shape our Answers to Life’s Ultimate Questions?’

‘Embodied theology is rooted in personal experiences in our individual bodies. At the same time, we all live in a relational world, shaped by social and historical events and forces that are shared.’ – Carol P. Christ.

How might our experience of life, our world-view, and our theological outlook be shaped by factors related to our bodies: our gender, sexuality, race, dis/ability, appearance, age, state of physical and mental health, neurological architecture, etc.? In this year’s summer school we will explore the ways in which our bodily experience interacts with our spiritual understanding. How do we connect with God – or with meaning, depth, and purpose – through our bodies and our physical senses? How do material realities – social, historical and environmental events in the world around us – shape our faith journeys? And how might our theological understanding shift through exposure to a wider range of embodied perspectives?

Further details of our engagement groups and team of facilitators can be found on the ‘Programme’ page (click here).